About Us

About Us

Our Origin story

Dornak Auto Parts started as a dream in the heart of Johnny Dornak while we was running a gas station across the street of the current Dornak Auto Parts in Jourdanton Tx. His sons, Jimmy and Bill Dornak, opened the store in honor of their father.  Now we have 3 generations of Dornak’s working at the shop and we couldn’t be happier!

The shop first opened its doors in 1974, three years after their father Johnny, passed away. To this day Dornak Auto Parts is happily serving their community as a family owned and operated business. Our history has been intertwined with Jourdanton for over 40 years, but we are ready to take next step into the future with you! 

The People Who Make Dornak's What It Is

Jimmy & Bill


The guys who started it all. In 1974 they followed their father’s dream, and created a business that has lasted over 40 years. Both continue to work within the business to this day. 

Tom & Karen


Karen is Jimmy’s daughter and is the 2nd generation Dornak working at the store. Along with her husband Tom, they work hard to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Counter Team

Our Front Line

These guys are the backbone of Dornak Auto Parts. Through teamwork and a consistent work ethic they bring all their expertise to help our customers on a daily basis.


Commercial Consultant

He is part of our counter team, but he also knows how to help out all the local businesses in our area. If your business maintains a fleet; then this is the guy you want to know.