Consumer Auto Parts

We love serving our local community, so we stock an abundance of consumer auto parts.

Where We stand out

Truck Specialty

Texans know Dornak Auto Parts because Texans know trucks. Since many of us drive them, we almost always have the parts you need in stock.

Expert Advice

Not your typical auto parts store when it comes to advice. Our team has an immense knowledge about parts, and many of us also work on our own cars. 

Filters Galore

 Shelves upon shelves of filters. We know the biggest hassle to a simple job can be just getting the part when you need it. We stock tons of consumer filters in house for that reason.

Ask and you may receive

Body Fasteners

If you have worked on cars before then you know how easy these are to break. We carry many OE solutions as well as after market body bolts that will fit your specific application.

Specific O Rings

We have many specialty and hard to find O rings for whatever you need. We have had guys in the home AC business, or plumbing come in to look at our O Ring stock. Can you only imagine what you might find?

Next Day Ordering

Of course we can't keep everything in store so we have a powerful delivery system where we can get almost anything by 6:30am the next morning. So if we don't have it then we are most likely only a few hours away from getting it.