Heavy Duty Parts

 We carry an extensive line of heavy duty parts for tractor trailer trucks and heavy machinery. 

Sneek Peek

Brake Systems

We carry everything you need to maintain or overhaul your brake system.We have both 20K and 23K brake drums along with the matching shoes. We also carry air brake diaphragms as well. 

Filter Kits

All of our filters are premium Baldwin filters matching what you can get from a national contract.  Also, we can come out and survey your equipment to build personalized filter kits then manage the stock with you.

LED Lights

We stock both Maxxima and Grote lights in the store. We also carry the pig tails and wires you need to make sure you can complete the install. These have been a huge time saver for many of our technicians.

Brands we Carry

Our Advantage

Fast delivery

We deliver to most of our shops around the area. Our customers have found this service vital because it allows them to save time and get trucks on the road with more efficiency.

High Quality Parts

Most of us work on our own cars and we know it costs our customers money to do the work again because of a faulty part. We strive to provide the highest quality parts so that the job gets done right the first time.

Experienced Countermen

Many of our counter professionals have spent years working with heavy duty truck mechanics. It's what we do day in and day out. We are one of the few auto part stores that can handle heavy duty and light duty parts with equal ease.