Counter Services

 Working as a team, we are able to pool our 150 combined years of automotive experience to bring you the best customer service possible. It’s not hard to tell that our counter personnel truly are the best in the business.

Our Values


No one can know everything, but we are continuing to perfect our craft, and each day we s we strive to be a more competent and well rounded team. 

Team Work

 It is only through interdependence in the work place that we can hope to achieve greatness. For us, striving for trust in relationships and effective communication are our essential building blocks.


Jimmy, one of our owners, has displayed and instilled a rock solid character model in his business. Because of this, we strive to show respect and love in all of our business interactions.

our expertise

Heavy Duty Specialty

Jim and Benny are especially proficient in dealing with heavy duty trucks and machinery. They are a jack of all trades, but these are your guys to turn to if you have heavy duty questions.

Electrical & Agriculture

Tom, our manager, has his degree in electrical engineering and thus his insight on electrical matters can be considered an expert opinion. He also has a firm grasp on most agricultural equipment and methods.

Unique Product Aquisition

Roland and Karen are especially adept at helping to find that product you just can't get your hands on. Their grasp of our vendor network is second to none, and they have a passion to help customers find just what they need.