Hard To Find Parts

Solving Problems & Finding Parts

Knicks & Knacks

We have tons of drawers, nooks, and crannies with little odds and ends. You would be surprised how often we have customers who need some odd little part; which is holding up an expensive project.  Our staff is here to help search through our many, many drawers of knick knacks!

Extensive Vendor Network

Because we are an independantly owned store we can source from almost anywhere. This allows us to procure almost anything you need out in the field. One example is the Rapid Air system shown to the right. We have had quite a few customers request this, and after researching and purchasing a few; our manager decided to put one in his shop!

Old School Projects

Dornak Auto Parts has been around since 1974. So we have many old parts lurking around. We also know what it is like to maintain older equipment. You can count on us when it lets you down. We often have various parts and know how for older vehicles that leaves most other auto parts stores running for the specialty shops. 

Just An Example of Our Randomness

"Around here, I have learned never to answer 'We don't carry that.' because, often, that answer is just plain wrong."
Justin Poenisch

Just Check and See