Commercial Customers

We don’t just sell parts. We Sell a Service. Roland, our commercial consultant, is dedicated to making sure you get a personalized plan to help your business get a handle on your parts inventory and purchasing. Give him a call at (210) 319-0288 to see how he can help your business grow. 

Many of our customers do business with just a credit card, but if you want to make things a bit easier; apply for a commercial credit account. Qualifying customers can open an account and pay monthly. Our customers have found this convenient and quick so they can get back to the job that matters.

If you purchase at least $7,500 a year of our premium quality filters; you may qualify! This isn’t hard to do with multiple pieces of equipment. Our plans are here to help you cut down on one of the biggest costs of maintaining your equipment. You can save up to 45% off of regular retail pricing. Click the link to find out more!

We carry the largest inventory of hydraulic fittings in the Atascosa and McMullen county areas; with over 1,700 unique fittings. We can make new or repair most hoses; while you wait. Ask us how we can help you get a hydraulic crimping machine in your shop! For details, give us a call at (830) 769-3553

Everyone has items that are just unique or hard to get hold of. We have team members that specialize in finding the unique or weird. Give them a call at (830) 769-3553 and see if we can get it to you through our unique vendor network.

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