Commercial Filter Plan

Deeply Discounted Pricing

If you spend more than $7,500 on heavy duty filters annually you can qualify for our filter plan. We have several pricing tiers that can allow for up to 55% off retail depending on how much you buy. Give us a call today at (830) 769-3553 and see how much we can discount your filters. 

A Custom Stock of Filters

Our Commercial Consultant team can come out to your yard and partner with you to catalog all of your vehicles and their specific filters. We can then work with you to come up with your personal stock level needs. We will even come by weekly to refill your stock as needed. Call or stop by to find out details on how we can help make your job easier.

Industry Quality Baldwin Filters

A quality filter ensures that your expensive equipment will run at its best and for as long as it possibly can. We own the rights to the numeration codes for all Baldwin filters. Therefore, we exclusively stock Baldwin filters. They are top quality industry level filters that you can trust day in and day out. Give us a call at (830) 769-3553 and ask about our relationship with Baldwin. 

Price Examples On Our Level 1 Filter Plan


Oil Filter- 2017 Ford F 350 (84151)


Air Filter- John Deere M144100 (88438)


Air Filter- Motorcraft FA1901 (83902)


Fuel Filter- CAT 2P4005 (85792)

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