Custom Hydrualic Hoses

Powered by Gates our made-in-house hoses are 2nd to none. We are Atascosa County’s largest vendor. 

You Can't beat us

huge inventory

 With over 1,700 unique fittings and a wide array of hoses, we even have other community hose retailers calling us for hydraulic parts.

Made in house

Made while you wait! Simply bring in your old hose and our counter team can build it while you enjoy a cold soda or a hot coffee. 

top quality

 There are cheaper hoses out there, but none that can match our quality. We stand behind our hoses. If one busts due to our work, we will gladly replace it.

so come join us

AC Hoses

Our counter team can make almost any type of AC hose you could need. Come on in and see how fast you can get back on the road.

Heavy Duty Air & Fuel Lines

We can also make custom lines for the air brake and fuel systems on tractor trailer trucks. They can run between 90 to 150 psi and require special fittings, but we got you covered

Your Own Machine

We can even provide a machine to put directly in your shop to save your company added time and money. Click the icon to check out the details in our custom hydraulics page